The buzz is about mosquitoes this summer!

If you thought last mosquito season was intense, this year doesn’t promise it will be any easier. Mosquitoes live in humid, tropic areas – which is why we like Florida too! So while your getting ready for a birthday party in the backyard, or heading to  a state park for some fun – here are some tips to keep you from buzzing about mosquitoes ~

Eliminate standing water:

  • Evaluate/maintain standing water issues on a weekly basis
  • Don’t forget to check trash cans, trash can lids, recycle bins, etc
  • Change the water in bird baths
  • Repair any leaky pipes or outdoor faucets
  • Empty wadding pools or store them without water
  • Clean out gutters, drains and ditches

Some other helpful tips:

  • Keep your lawn cut and shrubs neatly trimmed
  • Use LED or yellow bug lights for outdoor lighting
  • When going outside wear repellent
  • Wear long sleeved light colored clothing

All of these tips will help keep you and your loves ones free of bites this summer – and let Brandon take care of the rest of your pests! Call us at 877-423-4453 for a free estimate.