Employee Spotlight – Lawn Team


What they like about their job:
  • Harold Eddy – ” I like being able to meet and interact with all different kinds of people”
  • Yuko Jackson – ” I like the stability and the money, but most of all I like the feeling of family I get from my team”
Why they do what they do:
  • Harold Eddy – ” At first it was just a job, but now it means so much more because of the people”
  • Yuko Jackson – “I enjoy working outside and the feeling that I am my own boss”
What they like about working for Brandon Pest Control:
  • Harold Eddy – ” I like the relaxed atmosphere, the training and advice I get from the management, but most of all I like working for Stuart”
  • Yuko Jackson – “I love the family atmosphere. Everyone cares for each other, helps each other out and genuinely enjoys their job”
Most Interesting bug story:
  • Harold Eddy – ” I had just finished a treatment for fire ants, and was getting ready to pull away when I felt something on my lower leg. I looked down & saw my leg was covered! “