Each year, we go through the annual roller coaster ride that is our relationship with spring.  It is best described as a love/hate relationship.  Love, love, love the weather and the return of life to the natural world; hate, hate, hate the spring cleaning and the return of life to the pests of insect world.

Coming out of the cold doldrums of winter brings a certain excitement with it.  Waiting all those months for the return of that warm sunshine and soft green grass between your toes can quickly change from a pleasant daydream into a waking nightmare.  Angry weeds & brambles, along with fire ants & mosquitoes, don’t need much time to destroy your springtime Shangri La.  By the time you begin to see these scourges of summertime everywhere, their sheer numbers can quickly overwhelm a property and turn paradise into a prison.
Don’t waste a minute in despair if one or any other lawn or pest problem come sprouting up in your yard.  Let Brandon help ease your concerns.  We can get your yard and home ready for all the enjoyment that spring and summer bring with lawn treatments and pest protection programs tailored to fit your specific needs, and environmentally friendly to boot!  What good is a lawn if you can’t enjoy it?

April is National Pest Management Month, and we here at Brandon Pest Control want to make sure you get your spring and summer lawn enjoyment initiative up and running at full enjoyment levels.  Contact us right now and we’ll set you up with a complimentary and extensive evaluation of your lawn and home.  Then, we can discuss options to make sure your biggest investment gets the protection it deserves.

Check us out on the web at pestfree.com or give us a call at 904.739.9916 or 877.423.4453.  If you’ve got ‘em, Brandon get ‘em!