As we enter September, Mother Nature has decided to remind us that it’s hurricane season (hello there Hermine) and with all the benefits that living in Florida brings, waiting for the next big storm to hit is definitely not one of them.  Damaging winds and flooding rain levels that accompany tropical storms and hurricanes are not the only problems that these kinds of storms bring with them.  Many pests get displaced during these weather events, and when their homes get destroyed by erosion or oversaturation, they aren’t reaching out to FEMA for help:  they’re heading straight for your home.

Just like there are steps you can take to shore up your home to help protect it before and during a tropical storm or hurricane, there are things you can do after a storm to help ensure that you’ve done your best to repel invading pest refugees.  Here are a few things to get you started:


– Fix any cracks or holes around the exterior of your home.  This will help keep bugs from sneaking in, as well as help keep small structural problems from growing into larger, more expensive problems.
– Clear away piles of sticks and leaves near your home.  Kill two birds with one stone by keeping your yard nice and clean while keeping any potential new homes for pests off the market.
– Dump out any standing water in various containers outside.  There is nothing a bunch of Zika-infested mosquitos would be happier to find than a bunch of convenient breeding grounds around your home after a big storm.
– Fix screens and make sure windows and doors seal properly.  Don’t make it easier for bugs and vermin to gain access to you and your family by leaving damaged screens and seals unattended to.  Having good seals and weatherstripping will also help keep you energy costs down.
– Get rid of rotting food.  Extended power outages often accompany tropical storms and hurricanes.  Don’t let rotten foodstuffs linger around.  Be sure to pitch bad food ASAP.
Of course, your best defense in any severe weather event, is having Brandon Pest Control as your ally in the fight against home invasion from pests of all kinds.  It doesn’t matter what pest problems you are facing:  If you’ve got em, Brandon gets em!  Contact us today to schedule your free inspection!