So you’re dealing with unsightly brown patches in your yard, and you have no idea what is causing the problem.  You water regularly, you fertilize, you spray for bugs and no matter what you do or try, you’re still facing lawn problems.  What could be the cause?  It could be a variety of things.

Good lawn maintenance starts with properly maintained yard implements.  Keeping your lawn mower blades sharp and straight can help properly cut your grass blades to ensure they receive the moisture they need.  Dull, bent blades can lead to a rougher, more torn up grass blade, and that can lead to dried out grass tips.  Another problem that accompanies yard mowing is cutting your lawn too short.  Scalping your yard can also lead to grass drying out by allowing the topsoil to become too dry.  Sharp blades and a proper, even mower deck height can help your lawn stay green and lush between cuttings.

Another problem stems from your pets (or the neighbor’s) leaving their distinct “marks” on your property.  Most of our four-legged friends like to use the same area to do their business, and unfortunately for our lawns, that means accelerated decomposition and yellow or brown spots occurring on our lawns.  Regular watering and cleaning up any droppings routinely can help avoid this particular symptom of lawn distress.

Fertilizing your lawn is a great way to help strengthen and add lushness to your beautiful yard.  But over fertilization or excessive spraying for pests can leave chemical burns on your beautiful green grass.  Fertilizing is an important component of proper lawn care and management, but levels need to be measured and regulated to ensure that your  grass is getting the nutrients it needs, in the right amounts.

This might all seem like a lot of things to do just to have a nice lawn.  Don’t get overwhelmed.  Contact Brandon Pest Control and we can give your lawn a free inspection, address any problems or potential issues, and then tailor a pest and lawn program that is the right fit for your property AND your budget.  Give us a call or visit today to schedule your free consultation!