As we celebrate the holiday season with friends and family, we welcome visitors from all over to our homes to enjoy each other’s company and share gifts.  Some families reunite with members from all over the country, or even the world at this time of year as it will be their only chance to get everyone together at the same time in the face of different vacation schedules and school breaks.

One thing that many people don’t like to think about are the visitors that we don’t want showing up in our homes for the holidays, and most certainly don’t want to see at any other times of the year either: pests.

Whether they sneak in through frequent comings and goings of relatives or join the party after all of the festive foods and beverages have begun to be enjoyed, the holiday home invasion from ants and roaches (just to name a couple) is the less glamorous side to the annual extravaganza that we look forward to each year around this time.  While it may be tough to completely keep out all of the uninvited guests from your holiday parties this year, we do have a few tips to help you make the most of your ability to defend your home against pests.


  1.  Keep the kitchen clean.  It’s a constant battle against high traffic and heavy use, but keeping your kitchen clean and tidy can help minimize the pest problem that you may run up against this holiday season.  Keep surfaces and floors free of crumbs and be sure to seal any cookies or sweet treats in containers with tight lids.  

      2.  Check for entry points.  Take a good look at all of your screens and window seals for possible entry points for insects.  With a large group of people in your house, open windows and doors invite cooler air, but also pests of all kinds.  Make note of any necessary repairs that need to be made.

      3.  Contact Brandon Pest Control.  This is the most important part of defending your home against pests during the holidays or any other time of the year.  Brandon’s pest control professionals will help you defend your home from pest invaders of all types as well as your lawn, garden, and property.

Don’t wait until 2017 to make the call.  Contact Brandon Pest Control today for your free consultation and evaluation and make your home for the holidays the happiest home on earth!