Finding greener ways to combat invasive and destructive pest species is one thing we are always trying to achieve.  Thanks to a group of researchers at the University of California Riverside, we’re getting closer to another viable way to fight pests in a safer way for us and the environment.  These researchers have been working hard to develop a new ant bait that is biodegradable AND cheap.  The bait is a seaweed-based product aimed at helping homeowners and farmers combat the invasive Argentine ant species, and it has shown great promise in early trials.

This new hydrogel bait has proven to be successful, particularly against the dreaded invader we are familiar with here in Florida, the Argentine ant.  The Argentine ant is a pest that is a tremendous nuisance for homeowners all over the country not just here in Florida.  This experimental hydrogel bait was used during an eight week trial, and the results were encouraging.

After the first treatment, which lasted four weeks, Argentine ant populations were reduced 40 to 68 percent.  That is a fantastic number!  After a second treatment that was administered between weeks four and five, the researchers noted that Argentine ant populations remained reduced at a 61-79 percent clip, until the end of the eight week experiment.

The researchers were very pleased with the results of their experiment, and if the results can be duplicated this new hydrogel bait could be a fantastic addition to the steps already being taken to make pest control as environmentally friendly as possible without giving up the rate of success that traditional pest control methods currently enjoy.  We’re going to be keeping a close eye on this and we hope to see more efforts like this reach the stage where they can be used in a widespread manner.

Until then, we will remain diligent in providing you with the safest and most effective pest control solutions available, whether it’s ants, termites, or any other household pests.  If you’ve got ‘em, Brandon gets ‘em!