April is National Pest Management Month.  For over 30 years, pest control professionals have been recognized and celebrated in the month of April for contributing to the greater public health and safety by fighting and protecting people and their homes from invasive pests.  

The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) uses this opportunity each year to really bring into focus just how important proper pest control is in staying ahead of potential health crises.  The National Pest Management Association uses National Pest Management Month to bring more awareness to ways homeowners can reduce the risks involved with pest invasion and infestation and be proactive in teaming up with their pest control professional of choice to keep their homes as pest free as possible.

Invasive pests like termites, carpenter ants and various rodents can cause extensive property damage with all the gnawing, chewing and munching on wood flooring, walls and wiring.  This could lead to thousands of dollars in repairs and renovations.  Other pests like fleas, mosquitoes and ticks can pose direct threats to you and your family’s health by exposing you to bloodborne viruses and diseases like West Nile, Zika and Lyme disease.

Here are a few tips from your friends here at Brandon Pest Control to help you help us defend your home and health from invasive pests.


  • Keep kitchens clean.  Wipe down counters and take your garbage and refuse out regularly.  Make sure you keep food containers sealed up tight.  Pests LOVE easy access to crumbs and other morsels that linger around in your home.
  • Check screens, windows and doors for any damage that might allow pests to sneak in unimpeded.  Seal up any cracks around your doors and windows, and double check window and door screens.  A nice breeze is great, but not if it allows pests into your home!
  • Beware moisture and standing water.  Be sure to address any excessive moisture or leaky pipes.  Anything that brings mildew and mold or weakens structures can lead to pest problems.


Of course, keeping a pest control professional you can trust on speed dial is a must, and Brandon Pest Control is ready to help you 24-7!  If you’ve got ‘em, Brandon gets ‘em!