People spend countless hours and heaps of money to turn their properties into an oasis that they can enjoy in their free time.  A swimming pool and a tire swing for the kids and grandkids.  A patio and deck to grill and chill on.  A nice green lawn for slip n’ slides and firefly hunting all summer long.  Lawn and yard care is more than a superficial investment for curb appeal.

And yet, each year despite all the trimming and cleaning and maintenance, there are still problems that arise.  Some things are beyond human control.  Too much or too little rain and temperature extremes are forces of nature that we deal with as best we can.  Other issues, like invasive pests, for example, can be dealt with.  

One of the most annoying invasive pests the folks deal with each year is the dreaded blood sucker and infamous itch-maker, the mosquito.  Mosquitoes are synonymous with Florida summers, and these little disease carrying trouble makers can ruin a relaxing evening or a fun pool party faster than you can spell citronella.

Standing water is ground zero for these little buzzing buggers.  And whether you realize it or not, there are plenty of opportunities for these pests to find some close to your home!  That old tire swing out front?  Drill some holes in the bottom of the tire to let water drain after a rainy day.  Got a nice grill out back sitting under a grill cover?  Shake that grill cover out after it rains to keep water from pooling up on the surface.  Got a birdbath?  Change the water frequently to keep it fresh and make it less than optimum for mosquitoes to breed in.  Clean gutters regularly as well to deter stagnation near your home.

While it is not possible to “mosquito-proof” your outdoor enjoyment, you can take steps to make the environment around your home a little less friendly to these flying biters.  Take a look around your yard and property to see if these tips can help make a difference for you in your battle against the mosquito swarms this year.