There are lots of pros and cons to apartment living.  Living closer to work, access to amenities like swimming pools and exercise centers, and reduced utilities are nice, but noisy neighbors, smaller living spaces and assigned parking are also factors in the equation.  But one negative that stands out more than most is the potential for pest issues and the problems that can arise in trying to resolve them.

Apartment complexes in general can be a difficult nut to crack when it comes to proper pest control management.  Without the teamwork of tenants, property management and a professional pest control service, a pest problem can go from an isolated incident to a full blown infestation of epic proportions in a matter of days.  With so many moving parts and different types of people all living in such close proximity, it is good common sense to have some standard practices in place to help you and your neighbors stay as pest-free as possible.


  • Make sure to properly dispose of trash and pet waste regularly.  Tie up those trash bags nice and tight and take them out to the dumpster regularly to dissuade hungry pests from making the trip inside your home to check out their food options.
  • In addition to regular trash removal, make sure you keep your counters and other surfaces clean and wiped down to minimize accumulation of food crumbs and other enticing remnants for intrusive pests
  • If you notice areas that are in need of maintenance, don’t waste any time informing the property manager.  Proper maintenance is key to keeping pests from having easy access to common areas and individual apartments.
  • You may love the couch the neighbor set outside because they got new stuff, but just because it looks fine doesn’t mean that it’s ready to move into your place.  Be leery of things that might be home to critters or crawlies.


Following these simple guidelines and using common sense can go a long way in helping you stay pest-free in your apartment.