Floridians enjoy some of the most temperate weather in North America.  The average winter in Northeast Florida is not what most people would call overly frigid.  Over the last 70 or so years, Jacksonville averages about 15 days per year of freezing temperatures.  That’s great for people who loathe the colder temperatures usually associated with wintertime and for those of us that enjoy outdoor activities.

For pesky pests, this means that Florida is a haven from the perils of annual die-offs from extended periods of cold and freezing temperatures.  That means longer seasons for pest breeding and development.  Floridians also get their fair share of rain throughout the year as well.  Those seemingly daily afternoon showers that occur locally all summer create endless opportunities to leave standing water for mosquitoes to multiply and prosper in.

Another issue that is not unique to Florida but still more prevalent here than in most places across the United States is the annual threat of tropical storms and hurricanes.  Hurricanes can cause tremendous damage to homes and businesses through strong winds and heavy rains, but these storms also displace and disrupt millions of pests as well.  These pests will be looking for shelter and food.  When the waters recede and the power comes back on,  you may have a slew of unwanted guests setting up shop on your property and in your home.

This is where having a professional pest control company like Brandon Pest Control on your side pays off.  Enjoy your summer and spend your time with family and friends instead of losing sleep over how to get rid of ants, mosquitoes, ticks and whatever else tries to infringe on your home and your peace of mind.  If you’ve got ‘em, Brandon get’em!  Contact Brandon today to set up your FREE consultation!