Fall is off and running, and so are the pests that like to find warmer places to set-up shop before winter weather gets chillier and less accommodating.  Brandon has some helpful tips on how to defend your home and property from these pests before they take over your home.


With cooler weather here in northeast Florida, it’s nice to open up the doors and windows for some fresh autumn air to help push the steamy remnants of summer out of the house.  We love fresh air and cooler days as much as the next Floridian, but there is some maintenance needed to let the cool breezes in and still keep the pestering vermin and assorted bugs out of your home.  Check all your screens and patio doors for damage.  Any little snag or blemish in the screen can be an invitation to ants, fleas and mosquitoes who are all looking for a place to stay warm as the weather cools.  Make necessary repairs to avoid potential pest problems later in the year.


Fall is the perfect time of year to grill out and enjoy some football.  Whether your favorite team is college or pro, winning or losing it’s always a good time so long as the grill is cooking and the beverages are flowing.  One thing you can do to make sure your weekly parties don’t attract uninvited guests is to keep your party patio clean after the game is over.  Leaving grills greasy and uncovered can attract hungry pests from far and wide.  Ants, flies, mice, rats and trash pandas (a.k.a. raccoons) love the smell of baked on grease and sauce remnants as much as we love eating the delicious morsels that come off that grill.  Do yourself a favor and make sure to keep your patio area clean and your grill covered until the next big game.


Of course the best tip we can give you is to contact us for a complimentary consultation, so we can send our professionally trained technician out to you and help you keep your home and property pest-free all year long.  If you’ve got ‘em, Brandon gets ‘em!