Think about the feeling attributed to entering your nice warm home after a chilly day. That sense of comfort you love may be mutual for miscellaneous pests trying to survive the winter months inside your home. With temperatures hitting undesirable lows, many creatures are becoming desperate for heat, burrowing into walls and destroying electrical wires.

A month out of the holiday season and everything may seem to finally be falling back into a smooth routine. However, this is one the most popular times for bed bugs due to the increased volume in travel as individuals hop on a flight to see their loved ones. Similar to hotel rooms, the close quarters in dorm rooms lead to the perfect environments for bed bugs. Able to survive months or even up to a year without feeding, their positioning strategy relies on their ability to latch onto things like suitcases and stay still for days at a time, possibly going unnoticed by the unsuspecting human eye. You can take preventative measures to ensure that your developing scholar didn’t bring any undeserving guests home with them this holiday season.

In addition to bed bugs, rodents have developed survival strategies that can be rather tricky for the average homeowner to detect. Known for their ability to fit through spaces as small as a dime, they will follow hot air pockets and squeeze their way inside. Buying heavier drapes to fix that draft may keep your house warm but it certainly won’t keep the rodents out. Once they sneak inside, these disease ridden creatures gravitate towards hidden, tight areas such as behind the stove or in the back of a closet. Mice are especially common and known for the bacteria, viruses and other diseases that could be transmitted with simple contact through feces. You might not even see a mouse but still be susceptible to the transmitted airborne particles.

Just because winter is upon us doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get a jump start on your spring cleaning. After all, you can’t put a price on peace of mind.