When thinking of the cooler months, you may breathe easier when thinking about pest control. Don’t get us wrong, many species are less active as temperatures become undesirable. However with the warmer southern climate, there are many things you can be doing to be proactive about pests lingering right behind your secure veil of comfort.

Although termites tend to burrow down underground to withstand the winter months, North Florida climates often allow them to stick around right beneath the surface feeding off the heat of a home’s foundation.  If colonies are already secured, there will be constant activity through these months as they feast off the cellulose found on the inside of wood. Because they have no need to rely on a living food source, they are able to lay eggs year round while seaking nourishment from the inside of your walls. An infestation can creep up on you soon as the temperature spikes and the newly hatched larvae feel comfortable exploring above ground.

Has your home been affected by recent hurricanes? Termite damage may mask itself as water damage causing you to seek out a solution that will only fix half the problem. Key identifiers of the winged monsters like mud tubes will be found in areas with less traffic like crawl spaces, attics or even bathrooms. The termites tend to create waste disposal pockets in the tubes which can be identified as a substance looking like a trail of peppercorn flakes that appear on areas like window sills.

As temperatures begin to heat up, the last thing you want to worry about is emptying your bank account to fight off the invaders. Luckily, regular inspections can monitor termite activity. Save yourself a beach day and be proactive through these slower months. Our pest control experts can remove the threat before they are able to disrupt your lifestyle, allowing you to keep moving forward.