This February has brought extreme chills that have created some troublesome issues regarding pests. When temperatures drop, we have to worry about creatures that are looking to get out of the cold. The heat of your home is the perfect retreat to our not so friendly houseguests. We want you to avoid all of the nuances that an intruder could bring. They could lead to health issues and more. Here are some tips on how you can  properly protect your home from a winter invasion.


  • Be aware of unavoidable entries: Chimneys and vents in your attic are both prime entry points for a creature to sneak in. Unfortunately, these are areas that typically stay open, causing barrier creation to be a little unordinary. Because of this, it is essential to regularly monitor and inspect your home. Dark, hidden spaces such as the attic are common hiding places for these critters. Although you cannot cover these spaces completely, you can make sure that they are not damaged or loose. Chimney screens also exist as a minor barrier to entry. This should be done in addition to staying consistent with closing the flue. Routinely check for loose roof tiles and soffits as well to insure that your home is properly protected.


  • Keep an eye out for holes in the wall: If a pest finds its way into your home, it is most likely going to try and hide itself as quickly as possible. If it is small enough, there is a chance it will go for the walls. Look for holes in the top or bottom of the walls.


  • If you do find pests living in your home, it is essential that you ensure they are all gone before you begin to seal up entry points. At this point, it may be a good idea to hire a professional so that you can be certain that the pest problem is completely exterminated. If you are unsure of what direction to go in, please feel free to contact Brandon Pest Control , who offers a broad range of services that will keep you protected from unwanted housemates.