Along with the warmer weather, spring in Florida generally brings with it rain, and a lot of rain for that matter. But hey that’s how we get those May flowers right? All of the daily rain showers and the warmer weather can act as a trigger to many pests including termites. The combination of rain and pest activity means that homeowners need to start preparing for, and preventing against spring pest invasions.

Have you ever seen swarms of winged termites after it rains? Those are called swarmers, they emerge from the ground, tree stumps, or cracks in the foundations of homes. Their job is to depart from the nest, find a mate, and establish a new termite colony. One that could eventually be home to thousands of offspring. Rain helps make the environment more wet, which in turn makes termite survival more likely since there is plenty of water available. Termites are most often found in wood that stays damp through contact with the soil or as a result of flooding or leaking pipes.

Now that you know that rainy weather is ideal for termites to create new colonies, you might be worried about them invading your home. That is always a possibility but taking a few precautions will lower your chances of developing an infestation. Start by looking around your home and identify any area where wood or wood products that come in contact with your house. For an example, piles of wood mulch that are lying up against the exterior of your home. If these things get and stay moist throughout the spring they can attract termites. You also need to make sure there are no areas under or around your house with leaking pipes or standing water. Either of these issues can lead to wood that stays consistently wet.