Summer time is nearly upon us which means more barbecues, relaxing by the pool, and playing outside. Making outdoor spaces enjoyable for the whole family is a high priority for us at Brandon Pest Control. But with warmer weather right around the corner, and all of the rain we have been having lately, means one thing….insects! The changes in the weather can make it extremely difficult to control insect infestations. Insect populations tend to explode as the temperatures rise and allow for breeding and hatching.

Some common insects that like to make an appearance during summer time are mosquitoes, ticks, bees, and wasps. Mosquitoes can be a huge annoyance when you’re trying to spend time with friends and family outside. It is important to wear bug spray and take precautions to avoid those annoying blood-suckers. Bees and wasps usually build their homes in any opening of your house, beneath overhangs, or in the ground near the foundation of your home. Just like ticks and mosquitos, bees and wasps are annoying and can be dangerous when they attack humans. Trying to make sure that you deter these insects from building their homes near you and establishing a home in your yard requires effort, but can definitely increase the enjoyment of your outdoor space this summer.

Remember, prevention is always the first step in keeping insects out of your home and backyard space. Keep wasps away by removing any unwanted food, and even pet food. Another thing to keep in mind is that wasps are attracted to things that are sweet, which includes nectar as well as perfumes and lotions. Lastly, eliminating any standing water sources is key to keeping the mosquitoes away, such as flower pots, pet dishes, and bird baths. Water should be emptied frequently to prevent mosquitoes from breeding there.