Hello Floridians! Hurricane Season is upon us and there is much more danger than you think besides a hurricane or bad storm coming through. While there is going to be much more moisture everywhere this also means that more pests are going to be present and all pests will be much more active.

Because of the increased moisture in the air and the increase in wind speeds, pests are going to be trying to find their ways into new and more secure homes, this includes your home and lawn. This is due to pests wanting a dry and calm environment to live in, much like a human being would. Some potential pests that would come from the air seeking refuge include, ladybugs, mayflies, hornets, and bees. Making sure that your home is inspected and doesn’t have any open gaps or crevices is paramount to keeping these pests away from nesting in the areas of your house.

However, some pests are also seeking new homes since moisture is their safe environment. With excessive moisture affecting homes and humidity pushing pests from their normal homes, pests such as mosquitoes will gravitate towards standing sources of water and ants/termites will come for excessive moisture in your lawn and home. Not only are mosquitoes an annoyance and a health risk, but termites and ants can also severely damage your home and lawn if not treated properly.