While it’s important during hurricane season to protect yourself, your family, and your home, let’s not forget what hurricane season can do to your lawn. Not only can hurricane season mean damage to your home and increased pest activity, but it can also damage your lawn.

Hurricane season means that water is going to be everywhere! If your lawn isn’t aerated then you run the risk of increased flooding, dead grass due to insufficient airflow to the roots, and the possibility of your grass floating away if the roots aren’t deep enough in the soil. This not only causes damage to your hard working lawn but it will also cost an excessive amount of money to fix.

Lawn aeration does a lot of good during hurricane season and your lawn benefits from aeration year round as well as gives it better protecting during hurricane season and the hurricanes themselves. The aeration helps water drain into soil better and therefore allows the lawn itself to soak up more water. With aeration, the lawn is able to breathe better, absorb fertilizer, and develop a better air exchange between the soil. The roots of your grass will develop deeper and more solid connections into the soil which makes your lawn more secure and more healthy. Additionally, aeration promotes greener grass and increased heat and cold tolerance.