Pest Control in August: Preventing Unwelcome Visitors During Hurricane Season

It’s no secret in Florida that, when it rains, the nearby bugs usually manage to find all of the crevices in your house that you didn’t even know existed.

As if pests weren’t bad enough during the traditional summer storms, they’ll soon be added to the list of those seeking shelter in your home when a hurricane blows through. That being said, we’re here to offer our top three suggestions for what you should pay attention to before the outer bands begin to fall:


  1. Reduce Moisture: Ants, fleas and termites, in particular, love moisture. Be sure to fix clogged drains, leaking pipes or any broken spots in your ceiling that may allow for excess water and humidity to seep in during inclement weather. Keep an eye on damage around your home, particularly if your walls or roof have fallen victim to debris or large tree branches. Finally, sealing the space around your windows will also help reduce the moisture that attracts pests.

  2. If You Would Have Eaten It, So Will They: Spoiled food will definitely spoil what’s left of the season, if you’re not careful. Not only are roaches terrible to have to fend off on any regular day, but if you lose power and your food spoils, you can be sure they will come out in search of it. If there is any type of food or plant-life around your home that may be subject to rotting, be sure to dispose of it early.

  3. What’s Outside Also Counts: Taking advantage of pest control outside and around your home may also be in your best interest. For example, termites won’t just weaken the structure of your house—they can also infest surrounding trees, rendering them more likely to collapse into your home when battered by wind and rain. Standing water left outside in standing garbage cans and clogged gutters will also become the perfect breeding grounds for mosquitos and other water-loving critters that you’d rather keep out. All the indoor pest control in the world won’t necessarily provide adequate protection from the dangers that can crawl and fall from the outside-in.

Hurricane season may have begun in June, but it’s definitely not too late to try to pest-proof your home. If you feel concerned about keeping your home pest free this season, be sure to contact Brandon Pest Control to schedule a free inspection today.