Mow the Grass and Cut Your Worries: How to Care For Your Lawn in the Fall

On a chilly, fall day, there’s no greater feeling than bundling up so that you’re cozy and ready to settle your home in for the season. But, whether or not you think of fall that way, your lawn certainly does! As a matter of fact, the fall season is optimal for lawn preparation as, when done right, the expanse of grass in front of your home will be lush and green by the time spring comes knocking.


The natural question, of course, is how do you achieve this? And what is the best way to go about caring for your lawn in fall?


For one, resist the urge to fertilize for now. September and/or October are the final months you may want to fertilize your lawn in North Florida, but to do so any later in the season could hinder your lawn’s ability to thrive down the road. While grass would indeed continue to grow, you would actually be leaving it susceptible to the cold temperatures, thereby creating the opportunity for deeper damage or increased bald spots.


That being said, if you do manage to fertilize one final time prior to the cold setting in, try aerating your lawn. This way, the fertilizer may reach deeper into the roots, and so will the right amount of oxygen! Plus, by allowing your lawn to breathe, you’re creating a certain line of defense in that your lawn will develop a stronger resistance to harmful winter temperatures and, later on, the scathing summer temperatures.


Moreover, be sure to continue to water and mow your lawn. Not only will this help to keep your roots healthy and hydrated but, by not letting the grass grow too high, you’re actually allowing for greater sunlight exposure during a time of year when the days are typically shorter and sunlight is as limited as the hours. Simply put, by continuing to take even the smallest of these lawn care steps, your lawn will have continued to produce enough energy to be growing in a manner that is both beautiful and plentiful come spring.

Finally, if you’d like professional additional advice on how to best care for your lawn during the fall, be sure to call Brandon Pest Control today! Not only do we provide complete lawn service that includes fertilization, insect control, weed control, and fungus control, but we’ll give you a free, in-depth inspection to answer all of your questions. Don’t feel iced out at the prospect of leaving your lawn unattended; just call Brandon Pest Control!