When winter finally rolls in, your lawn can go through a transition of sorts, depending on the type of grass you have. In warmer climates like ours, where our winters are chilly, but still mild by comparison – our grasses can tend to go dormant at times. The cold causes the grass to slow its growth, and in some cases, even turn a golden brown for the season.


If you have the type of grass that changes color as the seasons change, for this particular subject, you are in luck… Because we are talking about weeds. Pesky, ugly, grass killing weeds. And wintertime is the best time to eradicate these unsightly, and lawn damaging nuisances. The reason that wintertime is the best season to focus on weeds is because this is when your grass itself is not looking its best already. So, you can take advantage of the discoloration the cold weather brings.


You can start by waiting until your lawn starts to change colors and slows its growth. This is when the cold weather weeds really thrive. That’s the perfect time to strike! Start with spot checking the weeds and localizing your preferred elimination method. They’ll be easy to point out, because they will significantly outgrow your warm weather grass. Then, make sure you continue to mow regularly, and keep your lawn short, because most likely, the winter weeds won’t be able to survive the continued battery of mowing and spot treatments. And once you’ve blasted those suckers, and showed them who’s boss, give your lawn a little extra love with some overseeding and some good old fashioned fertilizer.


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