We’ve been enjoying some fine temperatures lately, so even though this lovely season might not officially begin until March 20th, we want to provide some spring cleaning tips to ensure you stay pest-free all season long.


Spring is a big season of awakening! Many people and critters alike come out of hiding as the temperatures begin to rise, and while this may feel like a great time to get out, it’s also a time to really dig in and make sure your hibernation during the winter months isn’t going to attract any of these newly hatched seasonal buglings. The more time that we spend inside, we can tend to inadvertently create the perfect spaces for indoor critters to congregate. So, that being the case, we would like to give some additional reasons why spring cleaning can be effective for pest control, by helping to either prevent possible bug infestations, or help you discover them early before the problem gets worse! Whether it’s that pile of clothes you’ve been intending to donate for months, or some crumbs behind the trash can, pests love piles and messes. Do you have kids? Have they been cooped up? That’s a whole season of crumbs hiding somewhere in that house!


So, bust out the mops, dusters, and bags and lets get to work! By eliminating clutter, partaking in some regular cleaning, and maintaining a dust and dirt-free environment, these are some of your best ways to identify and eliminate seasonal pest problems. Use this as an opportunity to check corners and crawl spaces, and any neglected areas lately. By doing some minor checks on your own, you can avoid the need for a costly and intensive pest control visit in the future.


With your DIY efforts, combined with scheduled maintenance visits by trained professionals, you will help to ensure a pest-free home, allowing you to live your best life.


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