Brandon $50 Referral Program

There is no greater compliment to us than to have a happy customer recommend family, friends, employees or business colleagues to us. As a way to say THANK YOU, we’re offering you a referral credit. This is one of those times that “name-dropping” truly does pay off!

Program Features include:

  • Earn a $50 credit per each referral that becomes a Brandon customer
  • No risk, no obligation
  • Just fill out the referral information below and let Brandon do the rest

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Referral Program work?

  • Have the person or business that wants to promote Brandon Pest Control visit  and complete the referral application.
  • If you are current Brandon customer, make sure you include your name, customer number or address on the referral form. This will ensure that you get the referral commission for the sale.

How do I know when a person I referred to BRANDON signed up?
BRANDON will send an email to you when the referral becomes a Brandon customer.

When will I get my referral credit?
You will receive a referral credit within 2 weeks after the service has been performed.

I referred someone but never received my referral credit?
You will not receive a referral credit after you refer someone. Your referral must get a completed service in order to receive a credit to your account.