Lawn Care Services

Brandon Pest Control Lawn Care ServicesBrandon’s Lawn Care services are carefully designed to provide your home with a healthy, pest-free lawn and shrubs. Since each lawn is different, our expert lawn care technicians will tailor a program for your specific needs. Call or click here to schedule your first lawn treatment and receive 50% OFF!

Free Lawn Evaluation

Starting with a FREE in-depth lawn and shrub analysis, our programs are based upon six timely applications to provide the proper balance of nutrients your lawn needs. Brandon also offers professional suggestions in areas such as proper height/mowing, watering, shaded vs. sunny areas and weather preparation.

Complete Lawn Service

Brandon will provide you with a complete home and shrub program designed to fulfill your lawn and shrub needs.  This will include fertilization, insect control, weed control and fungus control.  As with all contract Brandon services, there is no charge for any return visits in between regularly scheduled treatments. Brandon Pest Control Total Home Protection - logo

Schedule Your Free Inspection Today!

To schedule an appointment for a FREE inspection or service, just call 904-739-9916 or toll free 1-877-423-4453 or schedule online.