Brandon Pest Control Lawn and Shrub ServiceBrandon’s lawn and shrub program is environmentally and river-friendly. All-inclusive shrubbery care program available, it focuses on the needs of the lawn and shrubs based upon the varying nutritional and insect prevention requirements of the turf throughout the year. Brandon’s six treatments a year address all areas of the turf and ornamental health including recommendations for mowing, watering and other conditions that develop during the various seasons of the year. This service can be added to your specialized lawn care program.

Seasonal Treatments

As a result, specific applications are based upon weather patterns, lawn growth stages and insect infestation stages as they occur.

Seasonal treatments include:

  • Fertilization
  • Micro-nutrients
  • Insect control
  • Watering recommendations

…all activities directed to make your shrubs healthy and looking their best.

Eco-friendly Shrub Care

Only the best, latest Eco-friendly products and techniques are used by our professionally trained experts.

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