Brandon Pest Control Turf Care ProgramMaintaining a healthy, beautiful lawn all year long is a hard task for any homeowner, especially with all the pests living in this area. At Brandon Pest Control we understand how difficult that can be, which is why we have extremely well-trained technicians who offer an exceptional program to keep your yard healthy throughout the year.

Comprehensive Lawn Treatment

As a result, specific applications are based upon weather patterns, lawn growth stages and insect infestation stages as they occur.

Seasonal treatments include:

  • Control of turf-damaging insects
  • Fungus, grey leaf spot control
  • Fertilization and micro nutrients
  • Broadleaf Weed control
  • Watering recommendations

…all activities directed to make your lawn healthy and looking its best.

Proper Nutrients For Healthy Turf

What separates Brandon’s lawn care program from other companies is that Brandon does not bulk mix products. Each home has their own formulation – based upon a careful inspection and evaluation of their lawn – mixed for them at their property.

Brandon lawn programs include:

  • Liquid and granular fertilizer
  • Weed control
  • Insect control
  • Disease & fungus control
  • Micro-nutrients

Brandon’s experts know the right way to help you build a solid turf, the basis for a healthy yard.

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