Meet Brandon the Termite Detection Dog

Brandon - The Termite Detecting DogBrandon is the leader in K9 termite detection. For over 18 years Brandon Pest Control has been utilizing K9 inspection to protect homes. A pure bred Beagle, Brandon is unique in his training and his skill in detecting termites. One of few dogs in the country to have been trained and tested at the University of Florida, Brandon has proven his excellence in detecting termites through brick, stucco, wood, and other porous materials.

Brandon: The Best Termite Detector

Properly selected and trained termite dogs are far superior to human inspectors, who are typically able to inspect only 30% of a structure. In essence, Brandon can “X-Ray” a home with his nose with no need to tear apart probable areas of walls, floors, etc., having almost 50-times the scent cells of a human.

Brandon has received over one year of extensive training at the country’s leading termite detection academy. Plus he is a continuing participant in a University of Florida Department of Entomology research project to establish the accuracy of detecting termite infestation using scent.

A Real Working Dog

Brandon is also only one of six dogs in the United States used by the University of Florida Entomology Department to determine the effectiveness of the latest termite products being marketed.

In spite of his happy disposition and eager-to-please demeanor, Brandon is not a pet. He is a highly-trained working dog and is very dedicated to his job. He lives with his handler, and they train daily to maintain their accuracy.

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