Brandon, a purebred Beagle, inspects primarily by smell and secondarily by sound.

  • Brandon Pest Control K9 Termite InspectionsBrandon can detect termites through brick, stucco, drywall, concrete and wood.
  • Brandon is 400% more effective than any human.
  • Brandon has been certified by the University of Florida Entomology Department.

A thorough inspection by Brandon involves his investigation of all interior and exterior walls, intersections, and entrance areas. His visit is professional, focused and detailed. He and his handler, a state licensed inspector, should be allowed to proceed with a minimum of interruption.

Help Brandon Do His Job

Inspections are arranged by appointment, and require some home preparation (see Home Preparation). If these procedures are not completed properly, a thorough inspection may not be possible. During the inspection you may observe the inspection team working, however please keep your distance and minimize your movements and noise.

  • These inspections by Brandon take from one to two hours.
  • There is also a cost associated with a K9 inspection, which may be mitigated by purchase of a premium termite protection program.