Fleas are No Simple Problem.

Get rid of fleas.Flea Facts:

  • Over 2,000 Species
  • Indoor & Outdoor Programs
  • Eggs Hatch in 2 Days
  • Cause Skin Irritation
  • Transmit Diseases & Allergens
  • Danger to Human Health
  • Danger to Pet Health

Flea Control is a Three Part Process.

  • Treat the Pet
  • Treat The Home
  • Treat the Yard

Brandon’s Flea Programs are designed to effectively protect your home, family and pets. They work together inside and outside on all stages of the flea life cycle. They can be added to EcoCare or Total Property Protection pest control services. Our indoor treatment is applied in the areas where the fleas live and breed with an effective product that includes an Insect Growth Regulator to prevent eggs from becoming active adults. Our yard flea service includes 6 applications that is done with our every 8 week lawn service. This treatment helps reduce the fleas living in turf and shrubs, waiting to attack kids and pets.

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