The Sentricon Termite System


Brandon Pest Control offers one of the most effective ways to treat for termites. The Sentricon system! Right now when you sign up for termite control you can enjoy TWO FREE MONTHS and get the entire system!

Sentricon is trusted for our national monuments like the Capital Building, The White House, the Smithsonian Museums, and many more. There is a reason these historic landmarks are trusted and protected with Sentricon! Here is a helpful list of the many benefits of the Sentricon System:

Benefits of Sentricon as Stand Alone System

  1. Sentricon System Won the Presidential Green Challenge Award
  2. Always Active System is always baited and working
  3. Inspect stations and home inside and out annually
  4. No Drilling of patios or porches
  5. No Chemicals injected into the ground
  6. No digging or trenching up your yard
  7. Eliminates the Termite Queen
  8. Not disruptive to home, lawn, and landscaping
  9. Over 60 Scientific studies documenting colony elimination
  10. Tangible and visible evidence of protection
  11. NO Booster Treatments needed
  12. Does not impact water sources
  13. Does not impact gardens or fruit trees
  14. Notifies and informs of future termite activity potential
  15. Treatment is removable and there is no mess left behind
  16. Protecting over 2 million homes nationwide


Call to schedule your free inspection today! Watch the videos below regarding the Sentricon termite protection system.