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Don’t Let Termites Eat Away Your Biggest Investment.

Brandon Termite Control ServiceWe’ve all heard the scary stories about the damage termites can cause, especially how they cause more home damage annually than floods, hurricanes, and tornadoes. We have learned about how they can ruin your home almost before you know they are there. If you’ve got termites, Brandon Gets ‘Em. Contact us now for 2 FREE months of service!

Termites: It’s Not IF, It’s WHEN

The problem with these stories is that they are all absolutely true! Yet many homeowners in the southeast gamble every year that it won’t happen to them. Well, think again. Because it isn’t a matter of IF termites are going to hit your home…it is a matter of WHEN. Because two out of three unprotected homes will be hit by termites!

Brandon Finds Termites Better

It will happen, unless you are thoroughly prepared and protected, and nobody can prepare or protect your home against termites as well as Brandon. And that starts with Brandon, Northeast Florida’s only certified termite detection dog. When termites are not visible to the human eye, Brandon is your answer. He can locate termites behind brick, stucco, drywall and concrete block. No human is close, and no other dog has proven to be as good.

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