Brandon Termite Control Service

Termidor, the world’s best liquid product has gotten even better. Brandon has been chosen as one a few companies in Florida to offer the new Termidor HP system.  Termidor HP is applied using a revolutionary high precision injection system that guarantees a exact application for each injection.  And the best part is that there is no more trenching or digging.   Right now you can get 2 FREE MONTHS when you sign up for Termidor HP.

Proven To Work

Termidor has been proven in millions of homes. It is not only the most effective termiticide available, it works faster and better than baits, and its effectiveness spreads far beyond its original treatment area.

Brandon Leads in Termidor HP Treatment:

  1. New Revolutionary Non Trenching Technology
  2. Non disruptive to landscape
  3. Precision application
  4. Cuts water usage by 75%
  5. Uniform coverage in the high termite activity zone
  6. More accurate and consistent
  7. Only requires treatment once per year
  8. Absolutely no damage to grass

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